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What is GPXLAB?

In the world of off-road enthusiasts and adventure seekers, the need for reliable navigation tools that can handle the challenges of remote areas is paramount.

GPXLAB is a program designed specifically for drawing and editing GPS tracks tailored to off-road use and navigation in even the most remote and challenging terrains.

How to use it?

By incorporating waypoints and facilitating easy dragging for their adjustment, GPXLAB streamlines the editing process. Further enhancing the experience, the built-in router automatically identifies routes between waypoints based on the chosen routing profile.

What sets GPXLAB apart is its ability to work with tracks in GPX, KML, KMZ and GeoJSON formats, compatible with various GPS devices and applications.

How does it work?

GPXLAB harnesses the power of diverse data sources, with a particular focus on utilizing OpenStreetMap, OpenTopoMap, and ArcGIS World Imagery. Application routing capabilities are elevated through Brouter and routing profiles, finely tuned with SRTM data, enabling you to navigate with precision through a range of terrains and environments.

Built for Explorers

Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a casual explorer, GPXLAB empowers you to create, edit, and optimize GPS tracks with utmost ease. Navigating off the beaten path has never been more straightforward, thanks to the user-friendly capabilities of GPXLAB.

Try GPXLAB and plan your next outdoor adventure.


Track Editor

Draw and edit GPS tracks, add points and draw tracks between them.


Find routes between points of interest using one of many routing profiles to choose from.

Feature Editor

Edit track and waypoint metadata and share tracks with other navigation systems.

Map View

Change underlying map to default, topographic or satellite view.

Import & Export

Import and export your tracks using GPX, KML, KMZ, GeoJSON file format.


GPXLAB works on global data, you can draw tracks anywhere in the world.


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Whats new?
2023-10-17 # Version 1.4
  • Share tracks by a link
  • GeoJSON support
2023-09-20 # Version 1.3
  • KML & KMZ Support
  • Export map to PNG image
  • UI improvements
2023-09-13 # Version 1.2
  • iOS version published on App Store
  • User interface improvements
  • App bugfixes
2023-08-30 # Version 1.1
  • Android version published on Google Play
  • App bugfixes
2023-06-13 # Version 1.0
  • First feature complete version
  • GPS track editor
  • Automated routing
  • GPX support
  • Map view